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The firm has extensive experience in handling a variety of complex real estate transactions, including: development and finance; construction agreements; acquisition and sale; land partnership agreements; land taxation matters; and numerous other transactions.


The firm handles large-scale real estate projects, including: housing construction projects; ‘combination’ agreements; ‘housing associations’ projects; TMA38 projects (National Planning Guidelines for Seismic Strengthening); and many other projects. The firm assists clients in the planning and zoning stages, acquiring all required permits and authorizations, including: the planning and zoning authorities; administration of the planning and zoning objection procedures and related litigation; negotiation and preparation of the contractual arrangements with the contractors/land owners architects and other consultants, registration of rights with the Land Registrar, and with Israel’s Lands Authority; etc.


Adv. Oren Lustigman  who leads the real estate department, is a well experienced lawyer in the area, and has conducted complicated real estate transactions. 

Our law firm is ranked annually by the BDIcode and Dun's 100 ranking .



The firm represents and advises clients on various litigation matters and through all phases of the legal proceedings. The firm represents clients before courts, appeal committees and appellate courts, arbitral and ADR proceedings and other tribunals.


In particular, the firm has expertise in the following areas of litigation: commercial law; real estate; banking; insurance; complex tort cases, etc.


The firm was selected as one of the three winning firms in ‘Contracts and Property’, in the public invitation (tender held by the Civil Enforcement and Outsourcing Unit of the state of Israel), selection which was based only on quality criteria.


Adv Meir Lefler, head of the litigation department, is a highly experienced litigator in complex civil and commercial disputes, and in banking litigation. Adv. Lefler is also a registered arbitrator in the Israel Bar Association’s Institute of Arbitration

The firm specializes in various fields of commercial and civil law, including corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, etc.


The firm’s services include; inter alia, general and ongoing legal advice for corporate entities as well as individuals, drafting and negotiating various commercial transactions, including M&A and investment transactions; partnerships and business enterprises formation, labour law advice, etc.


The firm routinely advises clients on all aspects of Israeli corporate law. 



The firm has extensive experience in representing leading commercial and mortgage banks in litigation, both as plaintiffs and as defendants, in banking regulation matters as well as in the execution of liens and debentures.


Adv. Meir Lefler is highly experienced in the area, both in banking litigation and banking regulations.

Among the firm’s clients in the area are Bank Ha’poalim Ltd., Israel Discount Bank Ltd. and Union Bank Ltd, and Bank Mercantile Discount Ltd.

Our law firm was ranked as one of the leading law firms in the banking area in the presigious Dun's 100 ranking for 2020 and as an Oustanding Leader office in the prestigious BDICoface ranking for 2020.

The firm has special expertise in anti money laundering and compliance.

The firm advices several banks and insurance comanies in Israel on AML and Compliance issues.

Adv. Meir Lefler is a memeber of the anti money laundering - professional service providers - committee of the israeli bar association.


The firm provides ongoing legal counsel to its clients, and in various legal fields. In this framework, the firm handles all aspects of corporate law as well as complex and diversified corporate transactions.


The firm handles companies’ incorporation and other corporations, assist in preparation of founders’ agreements, licensing agreements, distribution and marketing agreements, consultancy agreements, co-operation agreements and many other transactions and agreements.

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